FBE – Internship program – Call for FBE Bar Associations

Dear Colleagues,

The Legal Education Commission of the FBE is now opening the call for applications for its FBE Internship Program starting this fall (October 2022- December 2022) and sets the basis for the calls for the winter session (February 2023 – June 2023) and the summer session (July 2023 – August 2023).

The program is intended for young lawyers of FBE members who want to gain professional experience through a 1-3 months internship in a law firm within the FBE framework. Through the internship, the interns will get a better understanding of a foreign country’s legal system and will learn from lawyers and law practitioners from other jurisdictions.

To participate in the program, FBE Bar Associations can participate trough 3 different manners (roles):

  • Sending Institution: The Sending Bar oversees its own selection process of interns and, to the extent possible, provide financial to cover the travel and living costs of the interns during the internship (note that the Financial Aid terms of the FBE Internship Programme – Terms and Conditions are purely illustrative). Besides, the Sending Bar will have to designate an interlocutor between the law firm and the intern to supervise the appropriate progress of the internship.
  • Hosting institution: The Hosting Bar selects the law firms hosting the intern and appoints a supervisor to monitor the internship period. Acting as a hosting institution implies no financial obligations. To the extent possible, the Hosting Bar should facilitate access to training courses on various subjects that can be of interest to the intern, provides information on local accommodation options and facilitates access to social and cultural activities during the internship.

Note that the Bars can act as both, Sending and Hosting institutions, this is, by sending their young lawyers and receiving others from other jurisdictions during the same period of time.

For more information about the different roles within the program, please check the FBE Internship Program – Terms and Conditions.

Notwithstanding the prior, it is important to note that your participation can evolve through the different internship periods. For example, your Bar could act as a hosting institution for the fall session and participate as a sending and hosting institution through the winter session.

This internship program is a unique opportunity to strengthen the institutional relations with other Bar Associations in Europe and contribute to the development of a European Legal Profession. Thus, the more Bars participate in the program, the better.

If your Bar is interested in participating in this program, please see attached to this email the FBE Internship Program – Terms and Conditions as well as the Registration for Bar Associations.

In case you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact the FBE Legal Education Commission on the following email: internacional@icam.madrid